Love your (new) self!

Hey guys,

I decided to write this blog post because I myself have been struggling with loving my new body and self-confidence in general. I’ve never been ‘skinny,’ always been chubby, and I definitely went through a fat period when I was younger lol but even then I had so much confidence! You think I cared about what people thought of me? Nope. Growing up, I’ve gotten a lot more self-conscious, and I can honestly say it’s probably because of the huge role social media plays in my life these days.

Before I got pregnant, I didn’t mind my body, I was doing all the right things, trying to eat healthy, exercising and all that good stuff, when I got pregnant I loved my body! I carried quite small and it took ages before I actually started showing and even when I did, I loved my bump and I loved how the rest of my body was just ‘together’ everything looked good.

Now?! Gosh, now I’m really struggling, I went through a period where after I gave birth, I was pleased with myself, the weight shifted pretty quickly, but now I feel stuck. Not because I want to look how I did before, but because I just want to get to a place where I’m content, and just happy with myself. I’m usually one for self-love and self-appreciation but recently I haven’t been feeling myself, and I recently posted a picture on Instagram saying I’m learning to love my flaws and all, because life is too short, but it. is. hard.

Harder more so because I’ve actually birthed another human and I’m allowed to look like this but I just can’t seem to accept that LOL. Like now, I have ‘problem areas’ that I worry about all the time, when I look in the mirror or at pictures and I’m so picky with what I wear because I don’t want my belly to show or I don’t want my arms to show, or my back rolls, or my double chin, the list goes on… LOL *sigh* Then my cousin said something to me one time that really just made me think, ‘yeah you need to get a grip mate’ she said, “NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR PROBLEM AREAS BUT YOU.” And you know what? It’s true, so why do we find it so hard to be confident in our own bodies? Why are we always comparing ourselves to other people? We are our own enemies you know.

Body confidence is so important especially in this day and age where all we see are ‘perfect’ women and men all over our screens, but what is the definition of perfect?

It depends on how YOU define perfect, we live in a world where we are so hell bent on living for everyone else, but the most important person to be confident for is yourself, so if your ‘perfect’ is number one by all means go for it, if it’s number two, then focus on making yourself happy, be complete, be real to yourself, don’t worry about anyone else, stop comparing!

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ – Theodore Roosevelt

This is the realest saying in all reality because it is so true! Comparison is a horrible, horrible thing, if we keep doing it we’ll never be complete, and that is my definition of perfect, to be complete, to feel whole, to love one’s self. And honestly this is what I strive for, this is what I want my ‘perfect’ to be, I just want to be happy in my skin, this person I am now. This body I have now, just be happy at wherever I’m at, at whatever point I’m at in my life and not worry about what the next mum who got ‘snatched’ a week after giving birth looks like. It’s a journey I think most women (even men!) are on and I do love how I’m seeing more and more people bang on about self-love because it is so important.

So guys, love yourself, love the new you, as I strive to.

All my love,

Hannah x

A mother’s love

In honour of Mother’s Day, I’ve got a few mother’s together to write an honest piece on what a mother’s love is/means to them. A mother’s love, in short, cannot be put in words because in all honesty, it’s indescribable. And no one will understand a mother’s love until they too become a mother, I know I didn’t. And even now, if you ask me what a mother’s love is, I’d struggle to put it in words. I reached out to some mothers on Twitter and these wonderful super humans (because that is what we are) have been able to describe what a mother’s love means to them in just a few words (I know how hard that must have been!)

A mother’s love. A mother’s love is out of this world, it’s unexplainable and it’s one you wont really come close to understanding until you become a mother yourself.

A mother’s love is your heart skipping a beat the moment you are handed your gift from God in your delivery room.

A mother’s love is when you are no longer the main focus in your life rather its your child’s, future, well-being, and happiness that is your top priority.

A mother’s love is that special and unconditional feeling you have for your child, to love and to protect your child.

A mothers love is being there for your child through thick and thin, being their security whilst teaching them to be the best people they can be.

A mothers love is putting your child before anything else in this world.

A mother’s love is sacrificing so much without any regrets.

A mother’s love is something I could talk about for hours but it will never end because a mothers love is like no other, it is endless.

Happy Mothers Day to each & every one of you.

Love, Itsmamaxo

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I’m laying here in bed and it’s 1.22am, I can’t fall asleep. My husband and baby, who is 9 months today are silently snoring but I can’t seem to drift off because tonight is the first night my son is sleeping in his cot since we took him out at 4 months and started co-sleeping (big mistake). I miss him sleeping next to me in his cradle pose and with my arm wrapped around him, we sleep facing each other. The crazy thing about it is that I never wanted to have kids. I was happy just being with my husband. Even when I was single, I was happy being alone, never saw a child in my future.

I got pregnant exactly a week after my husband asked me to marry him and for me I had to have this child even if it was never my plan. Now when I look at him, I can’t believe I was willing to pass on this feeling. This intense gut wrenching feeling that makes you feel like you’re going to burst, a feeling that is so magical and truly indescribable until you have looked into your baby’s eyes and he looks right back at you and you feel it deep down in your soul, “I can’t live without you, I don’t want to live without you. I have only had you for a few months but I can no longer do this life without you.”

I look at my mother differently now, so this is what she felt/feels for me… we are a chain of unconditional love, generation to generation. I get it now, a child is a gift from God. My life now truly has meaning.

– By Clytie Tammy (@thatgirltammy)

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A mother’s love is the ability to love your tiny human/s unconditionally. It’s waking up every two hours when you become a mother, doing a night feed and changing smelly nappies on the hard shoulder of the M25. A mother’s love is the heart of the family. Being a mother comes with different obstacles daily, however I strongly believe mother’s are built to be strong, nurturing superwomen. Mums’ shower their families with love, time, care and attention always. In a nutshell homes thrive best with mother’s holding things together. Being a loving mother and being loved by your mother are two very special things.

– By Katrina (@mummydiaries16)

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When I decided to do this Mother’s Day special, I didn’t have a specific target for mum bloggers or mumpreneurs but here are three wonderful ladies who are mothers, career women, nurturers, writers… which are all 24/7 jobs. And they are doing the damn thing! I mean, mothers deserve this day for how hard they work in every area of their lives. A mother’s love? A mother’s love is sacrifice. We sacrifice everything and more to make sure our children and our families get the BEST of us. That is a mother’s love.

Thank you to the ladies who contributed to this piece, may all your future walks in life continue to prosper ?

Now let’s go out and celebrate ourselves, happy Mother’s Day to you all!

Hannah xoxo