Snowflake decorating

To continue our indoor activity for toddlers series, we’ve made snowflakes and designed them. This was a very quick and easy activity and was fun for both Israel and I. I thoroughly enjoyed making these snowflakes and playing with glitter lol.

What you need:

White A4 paper


Glitter (we used white, silver, gold and blue)

Confetti stars

Pva glue

Glue sticks/paintbrushes

To make a snowflake: fold your piece of paper into a square and fold that square in half, you’ll get a triangle, now fold that triangle in half again. Then you fold that small triangle from each point into the middle, in a 30 degree angle (shown in the picture) once your paper is folded there’ll be two pointy ends sticking out which need to then be cut off. This part has to be done by an adult but older kids can help, using child scissors.

Once this is done, you can cut shapes into it, open it up and it creates a symmetrical shape. Remember no snowflake is the same so you can cut lots of different patterns if you’re making more than one snowflake.

The next part is the really fun part; just decorate your snowflake, this is where toddlers really enjoy this activity because once they have some glue and glitter, magic is made!

I let Israel use a paintbrush to put glue on his snowflake and sprinkle some glitter on it, we also put some stars on ours. I modelled the activity so Israel would see and he pretty much decorated his own snowflake independently after watching me.

This activity is good for developing fine motor skills, learning about patterns and shapes, making decisions and working independently. The finished snowflake can also be used as decorations around the house, hanging off some string.

Look out for our next indoor activity for toddlers!

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