Our bath/bedtime routine

I’ve been meaning to write this piece for a long time but because our bath/bedtime routine has changed so much over the year I just haven’t had a chance to but we have one now and it seems to be working great for us. (Finally!)

First of all, the reason our bath time routine changed so much was because of Israel’s sensitive skin. As a first time parent, my first instinct was to use Johnson’s baby products on him when he was first born, initially they were okay but as he got older his skin became so much more sensitive and he just started to react badly to the body wash and moisturise, his skin got really dry and he had a ‘rash’ all over.

So I started doing some research and found Aveeno products were really good for sensitive baby skin. So I tried their baby daily wash, and creamed him with Aveeno daily care baby moisturiser, this worked fine for his skin. I used oilatum bath additive in his water also to moisturise his skin a little more. Israel later developed eczema all over his body and I just didn’t know what to do, this was at six months when he started weaning so I put it down to the new foods he had started trying. I continued using Aveeno products a little longer but decided to go to the GP about the eczema, and they prescribed Cetraben moisturiser and a whole lot of other stuff for him, I was also told to stop using anything with soap on his skin and stop giving him dairy! Stopping dairy was really hard for me because out of all the things Israel started eating, he absolutely loved dairy.

We went ahead anyway and a lot of it was trial and error but we now have a routine that works for us.

Our bath time routine:

I usually give Israel his dinner before a bath at 7pm, after he’s fed, he has a bath at around 7.30/7.45pm

I put oilatum bath additive in his water, and let him have a little play and soak in it, I still use Aveeno products but I switched to the baby cleansing milk and stopped using the soap.

I rub that all over his skin and use a face towel to rub it in and wash it off then use water again to rinse it off. I don’t use a sponge on his skin to avoid scratching the eczema. To wash his hair, I use Dermax therapeutic shampoo because I found his scalp used to get very itchy, also due to the eczema. Dermax helped a lot and the itching has stopped after a few weeks of using it. Basically if your child has eczema, avoid using anything with soap in it and remember lots and lots of moisture.

After having a bath, in the daytime I use Cetraben to moisturise his skin and at night I use Ovelle emulsifying ointment all over his body (also prescribed) this is a thicker consistency, which is why it’s better for night time use. After washing his hair, I use Cantu kids conditioning detangler to comb through his hair and Vita coco coconut oil to moisturise his scalp. After, I use Shea moisture kids curling cream to give his curls definition (I only use the Curling cream in the daytime.)

Bedtime routine:

After a bath, it’s straight to bed (usually by 8pm) I try to read Israel the same story before bed for a week so he familiarises with the story, although he does have his favourites and if he doesn’t want to read a particular story he lets me know (by pushing the book away and having a little moan lol.) I then read him a prayer from his Baby prayer book, which I got from Amazon and I say a little prayer of my own for him.

While we read a story we usually have nursery rhymes playing in the background which is courtesy of his BT Baby Monitor 450 with projector which i got from Boots, which plays nursery rhymes, classical music, scenic sounds and even white noise. He usually falls asleep after listening to stories with the music still playing… bliss!

This bedtime routine has been working for us for a month now and the products we’ve been using for bath time, we’ve used consistently for about 3 months and they’ve been really helpful, Israel’s skin has definitely cleared up with the odd occasion of eczema flare ups.

As easy as this may sound, bath and bed times can actually be hard work and can take a while to get into a routine that works for parents and their children. There isn’t a specific way to do it, this is just what works for me and Israel, sometimes though, the routine does get thrown out the window and you get Israel going to bed at 10pm because he decided to have a late nap or not have dinner before falling asleep. Parenting isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of journey, there will be lots of trials and lots of errors, just find what works best for you.

Please feel free to ask any more questions in the comments section!

Hannah xoxo

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