Love your (new) self!

Hey guys,

I decided to write this blog post because I myself have been struggling with loving my new body and self-confidence in general. I’ve never been ‘skinny,’ always been chubby, and I definitely went through a fat period when I was younger lol but even then I had so much confidence! You think I cared about what people thought of me? Nope. Growing up, I’ve gotten a lot more self-conscious, and I can honestly say it’s probably because of the huge role social media plays in my life these days.

Before I got pregnant, I didn’t mind my body, I was doing all the right things, trying to eat healthy, exercising and all that good stuff, when I got pregnant I loved my body! I carried quite small and it took ages before I actually started showing and even when I did, I loved my bump and I loved how the rest of my body was just ‘together’ everything looked good.

Now?! Gosh, now I’m really struggling, I went through a period where after I gave birth, I was pleased with myself, the weight shifted pretty quickly, but now I feel stuck. Not because I want to look how I did before, but because I just want to get to a place where I’m content, and just happy with myself. I’m usually one for self-love and self-appreciation but recently I haven’t been feeling myself, and I recently posted a picture on Instagram saying I’m learning to love my flaws and all, because life is too short, but it. is. hard.

Harder more so because I’ve actually birthed another human and I’m allowed to look like this but I just can’t seem to accept that LOL. Like now, I have ‘problem areas’ that I worry about all the time, when I look in the mirror or at pictures and I’m so picky with what I wear because I don’t want my belly to show or I don’t want my arms to show, or my back rolls, or my double chin, the list goes on… LOL *sigh* Then my cousin said something to me one time that really just made me think, ‘yeah you need to get a grip mate’ she said, “NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR PROBLEM AREAS BUT YOU.” And you know what? It’s true, so why do we find it so hard to be confident in our own bodies? Why are we always comparing ourselves to other people? We are our own enemies you know.

Body confidence is so important especially in this day and age where all we see are ‘perfect’ women and men all over our screens, but what is the definition of perfect?

It depends on how YOU define perfect, we live in a world where we are so hell bent on living for everyone else, but the most important person to be confident for is yourself, so if your ‘perfect’ is number one by all means go for it, if it’s number two, then focus on making yourself happy, be complete, be real to yourself, don’t worry about anyone else, stop comparing!

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ – Theodore Roosevelt

This is the realest saying in all reality because it is so true! Comparison is a horrible, horrible thing, if we keep doing it we’ll never be complete, and that is my definition of perfect, to be complete, to feel whole, to love one’s self. And honestly this is what I strive for, this is what I want my ‘perfect’ to be, I just want to be happy in my skin, this person I am now. This body I have now, just be happy at wherever I’m at, at whatever point I’m at in my life and not worry about what the next mum who got ‘snatched’ a week after giving birth looks like. It’s a journey I think most women (even men!) are on and I do love how I’m seeing more and more people bang on about self-love because it is so important.

So guys, love yourself, love the new you, as I strive to.

All my love,

Hannah x

The Motherhood group lunch and goodies

I had the pleasure of attending The Motherhood group lunch and goodies event on Sunday, and it was such a lovely experience, as are their other events I’ve been too. The event was held at The Breakfast club and sponsored by Cantu. Meeting new mums and their babes and eating good food was fantastic but so were the goodies we received! We got a gift pack with Cantu hair products in and Nipper&co. organic kids tea. I actually use Cantu products on my natural hair already so best believe I was so excited to hear that they were sponsoring and we’d be getting goodies from them! I got the coil calm detangler in my goody bag and was very excited to use it. We all know how time consuming styling natural hair can be, when getting ready in the morning especially with a baby/kids around, so anything to make the process easier is always worth looking forward to.

The coil calm detangler worked wonders on my hair, made it so easy to comb through after getting out of the shower and my hair now feels super soft! I also didn’t lose my curls which I usually do when I dry comb. I recommend this product for any natural hair sisters, even those with the tightest curls/coils, it honestly works. I usually use this after washing with Cantu cleansing cream shampoo and conditioning with the hydrating cream conditioner. Perfect combo. But this time I used it on my dry, unwashed hair, and it worked just as well.

Now, let’s talk about this Nipper&co. Kids cuppa. Oh em gee. Right, so I’m not a herbal tea drinker myself, I’m more of a coffee girl but I thought I’d let israel try this (his tastebuds might be different from mine lol) and he actually really enjoyed it! I made it lukewarm for him in his sippy cup and he really actually enjoyed the fruity taste, he drank half of it and I finished it off (I liked the taste of this one lol) and I was actually quite surprised that Israel liked it too, it was his first ever time drinking tea! I love that this brand have a tea for kids, it’s a healthy alternative to juice drinks and when the weather’s a bit warmer, I’ll try it as ice tea and we’ll give it another go.

Thank you to The motherhood group for our goodies and opening us up to new experiences. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @themotherhoodgroup if you’re looking for some new mummy friends or days out with people like you.

A prayer for my One-year-old

I’ve been racking my brain for a while now, trying to figure out what to do for Israel’s one year update. He turned one a while ago and I still hadn’t blogged about it lol. It was between the regular update, on how he’s developing or I was going to write a letter, as I’ve seen a couple other blogger mums do. But each time I sat down to write something, nothing would come. It’s funny because, there’s so much I could put in a letter and even more I could write about his development but literally every time I went to write, I just couldn’t put my words down. Until today where I’ve just gotten this idea to just write a prayer for him, I pray for Israel all the time, I’ve done it since before he was even born. It’s something that’s very important to me. Obviously I’m not perfect and I do forget to pray sometimes which is exactly why when I do remember it’s so important to me.

As a Christian, I’ve grown up with a very prayerful family, and my Mum’s always prayed for me growing up and she still does till this day, and I believe a lot of the time when I forget to pray for myself it’s her prayers that keep the blessings and protection of God coming. God hears our prayers, he really, really hears a Mother’s prayers for her child, but not only that, a prayer is like a positive affirmation to your child, it reminds them how special they are and tells them all the hopes and dreams you have for them.

A prayer for my one-year-old…

Israel you are one year old now. A year that has been a blessing beyond doubt. I prayed for you before you were born and I continue to pray for you because that is the only way I know that God who has watched over me all my life will also watch over you for all the years to come. He has kept me and guided me and I pray He does the same for you.

You are truly a blessing, and I pray that you always remember that.

You are a born leader, and I pray that you’ll always be just that.

You are loved, and I pray that love radiates from you.

You are a special gift from God and I pray that you remember that too.

Israel, I pray you will be just as powerful as your name but remain humble, peaceful and joyful, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

I pray that you remain protected under the shield of the almighty, that society doesn’t reject, use or neglect you.

Although storms will come your way (and I tell ya, they will!) you will overcome them because you are strong, you are brave and there’s nothing too hard for the Lord I pray you one day will serve.

I just pray that you will always be happy.

Israel you are one! And I pray you live to see and celebrate many, many, MANY more years!

Even though he may not be able to read this right now, he’ll always be able to hear my prayers and understand them more as he gets older, and one day he will be able to read this, understand it and pray it for himself!

My prayer to my one-year-old.

A mother’s love

In honour of Mother’s Day, I’ve got a few mother’s together to write an honest piece on what a mother’s love is/means to them. A mother’s love, in short, cannot be put in words because in all honesty, it’s indescribable. And no one will understand a mother’s love until they too become a mother, I know I didn’t. And even now, if you ask me what a mother’s love is, I’d struggle to put it in words. I reached out to some mothers on Twitter and these wonderful super humans (because that is what we are) have been able to describe what a mother’s love means to them in just a few words (I know how hard that must have been!)

A mother’s love. A mother’s love is out of this world, it’s unexplainable and it’s one you wont really come close to understanding until you become a mother yourself.

A mother’s love is your heart skipping a beat the moment you are handed your gift from God in your delivery room.

A mother’s love is when you are no longer the main focus in your life rather its your child’s, future, well-being, and happiness that is your top priority.

A mother’s love is that special and unconditional feeling you have for your child, to love and to protect your child.

A mothers love is being there for your child through thick and thin, being their security whilst teaching them to be the best people they can be.

A mothers love is putting your child before anything else in this world.

A mother’s love is sacrificing so much without any regrets.

A mother’s love is something I could talk about for hours but it will never end because a mothers love is like no other, it is endless.

Happy Mothers Day to each & every one of you.

Love, Itsmamaxo

(Check out it’s mama’s blog here)


I’m laying here in bed and it’s 1.22am, I can’t fall asleep. My husband and baby, who is 9 months today are silently snoring but I can’t seem to drift off because tonight is the first night my son is sleeping in his cot since we took him out at 4 months and started co-sleeping (big mistake). I miss him sleeping next to me in his cradle pose and with my arm wrapped around him, we sleep facing each other. The crazy thing about it is that I never wanted to have kids. I was happy just being with my husband. Even when I was single, I was happy being alone, never saw a child in my future.

I got pregnant exactly a week after my husband asked me to marry him and for me I had to have this child even if it was never my plan. Now when I look at him, I can’t believe I was willing to pass on this feeling. This intense gut wrenching feeling that makes you feel like you’re going to burst, a feeling that is so magical and truly indescribable until you have looked into your baby’s eyes and he looks right back at you and you feel it deep down in your soul, “I can’t live without you, I don’t want to live without you. I have only had you for a few months but I can no longer do this life without you.”

I look at my mother differently now, so this is what she felt/feels for me… we are a chain of unconditional love, generation to generation. I get it now, a child is a gift from God. My life now truly has meaning.

– By Clytie Tammy (@thatgirltammy)

You see when I say mother’s are super humans, I mean it, Ms Tammy has got her own natural and organic skincare brand, be sure to check out her brand BQLONDON


A mother’s love is the ability to love your tiny human/s unconditionally. It’s waking up every two hours when you become a mother, doing a night feed and changing smelly nappies on the hard shoulder of the M25. A mother’s love is the heart of the family. Being a mother comes with different obstacles daily, however I strongly believe mother’s are built to be strong, nurturing superwomen. Mums’ shower their families with love, time, care and attention always. In a nutshell homes thrive best with mother’s holding things together. Being a loving mother and being loved by your mother are two very special things.

– By Katrina (@mummydiaries16)

(Be sure to check out Katrina’s blog here)


When I decided to do this Mother’s Day special, I didn’t have a specific target for mum bloggers or mumpreneurs but here are three wonderful ladies who are mothers, career women, nurturers, writers… which are all 24/7 jobs. And they are doing the damn thing! I mean, mothers deserve this day for how hard they work in every area of their lives. A mother’s love? A mother’s love is sacrifice. We sacrifice everything and more to make sure our children and our families get the BEST of us. That is a mother’s love.

Thank you to the ladies who contributed to this piece, may all your future walks in life continue to prosper ?

Now let’s go out and celebrate ourselves, happy Mother’s Day to you all!

Hannah xoxo

Mum life

It’s 5am and I can’t sleep. So here I am deciding to write a piece about having gone back to work full time in January.

So in January I decided to venture back into work life, not as a free, single young woman but now as a full time single mum. First of all, I was meant to have a year off for maternity leave but decided to go back just after 7 months. Why would you do that?! You ask. Well, I’ll give you my reasons. Truth be told,

1. I actually thought I was missing my super busy, fast paced lifestyle at that point

2. I needed money

3. I missed work. I missed work?!

Yeah, sounds insane but I did… until I actually went back.

So for those who don’t know, I’m an early years teacher and currently teach 2-year-olds, and I love what I do, always have. But going back to work after being at home for 7 months with my precious boy was a whole new ball game, totally unexpected. Firstly, I literally couldn’t remember anything, call it baby brain or whatever but I could not remember how to do anything, I forgot my computer login, forgot how to do the register, forgot the code to the front door of my classroom LOL. Believe me, I struggled. Even though I had a settling in period I still struggled for a long time. I’ve been back a full term now (which was 5 weeks this term) and I’m pretty sure I only JUST got my head round (most) things.

Before I became a mum, I loved (okay, no. I didn’t mind) getting up for work in the mornings and spending a day with a bunch of 2-year-olds, and I loved those kids like they were my own but since having my own child, after the first week back, I missed him SO much, my heart would literally ache when I thought about being at work with other children while mine was at home. Obviously every parent would miss their baby after coming off maternity leave but this pain I felt was like no other and I think it hurt more because I’m surrounded by children, playing learning, doing all the things I should be watching Israel do. And it did throw me off my game at work to be honest, it took a long, long time for me to just suck it up and understand that I need to be where I am for both of our futures. To be honest I’m not totally over it, I just sound content because I’m on half-term holiday at the moment lol.

Although I did miss my fast paced life, going back made me realise what the most important thing in my life is right now, and that’s being a mum. I’ve read so many blogs and other things about oh you know, a woman not forgetting herself when she becomes a mum and I totally get it, I definitely haven’t forgotten myself but I actually just want to be a mum at this present moment. As stressful as it is being a mum, it’s even more stressful being a full-time working mum, and what’s stressful about it is, being tired when you wake up, being at work all day missing your baby but then coming home and being too tired to do things with your baby! It’s a vicious cycle! Yes I missed work life but now I miss (on maternity) mum life, I guess there’s a balance and I’m currently on a journey to find that, then that becomes the new mum life.

This is the beginning of another journey for us, Israel’s in great hands while I’m at work so at least I don’t have to worry about that, and going back was really the perfect timing because we just got a new flat and it needed a whole lot of work, so the money was definitely needed.

I think as parents we will miss our babies every time we’re away from them and I just have to keep reminding myself that what I do is for both our benefits and he will appreciate what I do in the future. Also unlike some, I get all the school holidays to spend loads of time with him <<< this is me giving myself a pep talk lol.

Until next time guys, all my love,

Hannah xoxo

Our weaning journey

It’s been just over a month now since we started weaning and I’m having so much fun doing it! I mean, there have been some absolute fails in terms of what Israel just won’t eat but I thought it would be nice to write up a little bit on his likes and dislikes. Professionals say to wait 6 months before weaning your baby but I started a little earlier with super smooth purees to see what Israel would like.

We’re now on three meals a day, *yaay!* and with the help of the baby nutri bullet which we got as a gift, I’ve been able to make Israel’s lunches from scratch! With just a few ingredients and a freezer, we’re set for a week of ready made meals!

Breakfast likes:

Organix banana and mango porridge (made with aptamil follow on formula milk)

Ella’s kitchen Banana baby brekkie (his absolute fave!)

Breakfast fails:

Cow and Gate fruity porridge (he really didn’t like this and to be fair it did give him a rash around his mouth every time he ate it, and made him heave a fair bit, so in the end I thought he might be allergic to something in the porridge mix, so we left that one alone.)


Israel loves lunchtime! It’s so funny how he opens his little mouth so wide when he sees his spoon coming his way. He eats everything I make him and when we’re on the go, he also enjoys Ella’s kitchen mac and cheese and cheesy veg pie.

What I’ve made from scratch so far:

1. Sweet potato, chicken & carrots purée

2. Peas and pears purée

3. Sweet potato, lamb mince & broccoli purée

4. Apples, spinach & broccoli purée

All I did with these ingredients was peel, chop and steam (added half a knorr Maggie cube for flavour to the meats) then blended them together with the baby nutri bullet and froze them in small portions using the soft silicone portion trays. He loved all of these and I found them really filling, it’s also a bonus knowing exactly what he’s eating without all the added preservatives and extra ingredients.


We struggled a fair bit with dinner, I wanted him to have cerelac, rice pudding, baby rice, all that kind of stuff, so he’s full for bedtime but at first he didn’t like cerelac (wheat with milk flavour) or rice pudding so it was a battle, especially now he’s mastered the art of storing everything in his mouth then spitting it out. *sigh*I just continued giving him small portions every other day and now I’d say we’re getting there, he’s eating a lot more of each of them (even though it does take a while.) Sometimes I let him have a fruit mix, which he loves or something like the pears and peas mix I made from scratch. It’s fair to say Israel is a tiny baby, but he loves his food!

I will not lie to you, going from just breastfeeding 24/7 to actually having to time when he needs to be fed solids, getting the food ready, getting him ready (bib on, sat in high chair, sippy cup on the side) AND still breastfeeding in between meals hasn’t been a walk in the park. I feel like the real hard work has now begun! But I’m getting used to it, the same way I have to feed myself, he needs to be fed right? Plus he’s growing everyday and he needs those important nutrients. There are so many guides to weaning, how it should/shouldn’t be done, when’s the right time to start etc. but ultimately, as parents we know our children more than anyone and I’ve just gone with the flow throughout this period and it’s worked for us, obviously if I had any concerns about his weight or anything I’d speak to my health visitor, but so far so good!

I’m going to start trying to give him finger foods now, not sure how that’s gonna go down especially because of the inevitable mess that will be made, but I really really just want this to be an enjoyable journey for both of us, he loves being super independent so this should be interesting!

If anyone’s currently weaning or has done before and/or makes meals from scratch too, I’d love to hear about some of the meals your baby loved, maybe we could try some!

Raising Israel… 6 month update

My little man is 6 months and I literally cannot believe it. Time’s gone so fast and he’s grown so much! In just another 6 months he’ll be a whole year old. So I’ve decided to do a little update on how things have been, focussing mostly on how this little champ is developing…

Let’s talk milestones:


We started weaning a little earlier than six months, just to test the waters and see what he’d like. So far, he’s eating 2 meals a day, breakfast and dinner, and still has breastmilk in between, he’s not too keen on breakfast but chows down his dinner (he loves the Ella’s kitchen purees) which is great for me, because that means he’s full before bed and will sleep better. I’ve started giving him baby biscuits (Farleys Rusks) to chew on but they usually just get moved and squashed between his hands, I think adult led weaning works for the both of us to be honest.


Sitting up independently? Yes, well just about lol. He’s still a little wobbly at times but he can definitely sit up on his own for a period of time with me on standby just in case he decides he wants to lie down or slide to the side. Hand eye coordination? Israel is definitely using his hands loads more now, one day we woke up and he just started grabbing everything in sight! I definitely was not prepared for this lol but I love how mobile he is now, he’s learning to shake his rattles purposely and kicks his legs freely when lying down (oh, and grab my phone out of my hand!) and put everything straight into his mouth! He also follows sounds and movement very well, he’s so alert and he’s actually been that way since he was born lol.

One thing he’s not a fan of is tummy time, lol he literally lasts a minute then starts whining, but that’s something that we’ll keep working on ??


Talking?! Lol yes, that’s what I like to call it when he babbles, and he babbles LOADS! When I read up about which milestones a baby should be hitting at 5 months and I saw ‘your child might start making sounds like ‘dada’ and ‘mama’ ‘ I literally laughed, thinking, how?! but lo and behold Israel makes so many sounds now, babbling is his favourite thing to do and I just love the sound of his little voice. I’ve caught him so many times trying to imitate me and others when making sounds or talking. The other day, I roared and he roared back! I couldn’t believe it, so I did it again and he did it back! Ahh it was such a proud mummy moment!

This past 6 months have been such a blessing, he’s developed so much, he’s happy, he’s healthy and such a playful, funny little boy and you can really see his personality coming through now. I’m so proud to be his mummy and couldn’t be more thankful to God for giving me this opportunity. I’m so looking forward to the many more years of raising my King Israel.

Breastfeeding pros & cons

In aid of World breastfeeding week, I've decided to write a bit on the pros and cons of breastfeeding. Also, I actually fed Baby in public without a nursing cover for the first time, so (for me) I've taken a big step in this Mummy life.

Check me out being an adult and all lol

Of course not everybody chooses to breastfeed or are even able to after giving birth but for the latter that do and are able to, we know there are definitely benefits for our babies but there are also some not so good bits for the mamas. I chose to breastfeed simply because I wanted to experience all that good stuff people talk about (and save some money AND shed some belly fat 🙂 ) but there are some things in particular that made me wanna do it more and some that put me right off…

Pros(the good bits you hear so much about):

⁃ You save so much money from not having to buy formula milk for those first 6 months (or however long)

⁃ Breastfeeding helps in weight loss after giving birth as it burns calories

⁃ Breastmilk contains antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria

⁃ It Lowers baby's risk of having asthma or allergies

⁃ Babies that are exclusively breast fed for 6 months have less ear infections, respiratory illnesses and diarrhoea

⁃ Physical closeness, skin to skin and eye contact supports a lovely bond between mum and baby (it's kinda nice knowing when my baby cries for food I'm the only one that can soothe his needs)

⁃ Lowers the risk of breast cancer

⁃ And it's so quick and easy! I feel so much joy just whipping out a boob when I'm half asleep at night to feed baby rather than getting up to mix a bottle of formula


Cons(the not so good bits people steer away from):

⁃ Not being able to measure the volume of milk baby's getting (sounds scary but really and truly, if breastfeeding on demand, baby's are usually okay.)

⁃ Breastfed babies wake up more often in the night for feeds and eat more during the day, literally every 1.5-3 hours *sobs* which can be quite inconvenient depending on a mothers schedule.

⁃ There are dietary restrictions unfortunately, can't be drinking and taking medication willy nilly. I was so scared of eating anything to do with nuts when I first started breastfeeding because I thought omg what if he's allergic lol but no, in fact it makes babies immune to those kinds of foods

⁃ Breastfeeding in public might not be so easy for someone as shy as myself. I was using a nursing cover until recently, when baby was having none of it, he literally wouldn't eat with that cloth over his head lol

⁃ Special clothing is needed, when I say special, I just mean, a nursing bra and tops that you can easily breastfeed in

⁃ You constantly have to wear a bra; this right here, I hate, because I'm not a fan of wearing bras to bed but if you don't want leakage, a bra is definitely always needed and if you produce a lot of milk, breast pads are also needed which can be an expense of its own but there are reusable options available.

⁃ Now, last but not least, the biggest con of all, the only thing that REALLY made me think 'hmm do I really want to breastfeed?' BREASTFEEDING CAN BE VERY PAINFUL, sore, cracked nipples and engorged breasts. I was terrified when I read and heard stories of women saying their nipples were bleeding when they breastfed (YES, bleeding!) but thank goodness that hasn't happened to me (yet) I'm still powering on (coconut oil is magic for sore nipples.) The pain of breastfeeding comes and goes and some women soldier through, whereas others just can't.

Regardless of whether a woman breastfeeds, whether it's for 2 days, 2 weeks, months, years or not at all, we're still doing everything we can to raise a healthy baby. Just like everything in life there are both sides to a situation, the good and the bad, sometimes even the ugly (bleeding nipples, like really?!) Breastfed, bottle fed or a mixture of both, mum's go through enough trying to raise a healthy baby so who is ANYONE to judge? Women are superheroes and however you choose to feed your baby, you've still got your super powers.

As I always say, as long as a child is happy and healthy, who cares?

Happy World breastfeeding week!

Hannah xoxo

Enjoy your maternity leave!

When a working woman finds out she’s pregnant, letting her employer know she’s expecting is something that has to be done, then maternity leave must be sorted.

Once I started my maternity leave, I wrote a list of things I wanted to do to occupy my time (I’m a huge believer in writing lists) to keep me and baby busy or just to better myself. I’m also very used to being busy, working with children definitely keeps me on my toes, so making sure I had stuff to do was the perfect plan.

I can honestly say I haven’t really achieved any of the items on my list, instead, a lot of time has been spent on the sofa watching telenovela programs (Spanish TV lol, I know) and actually getting to know my baby, I definitely do not regret either of them… yes, even the telenovela 🙂 but thankfully there’s still enough time to actually get what I listed all done, it’s only been 4 months out of a year after all.

This post is more of a reminder to myself to actually get these things done and to maybe give some ideas to first time mum’s who are also now on maternity leave or soon to be. They’re not in any particular order btw.

Sign up and attend Baby swimming classes

I’ve just applied for these so we’ll be starting next week, I purposely waited to start these because of babys age, it made sense to me to wait till he was 3 months. I had this idea because, well, I want him to learn to swim early and it gives us something to do together, and a bonus… the beginning of my maternity leave falls right in the summer months.

Attend loads of mum and baby groups

This has been at my disposable for ages, since I had my first home visit after giving birth, I was informed about my nearest children’s centre but I’ve only been to one stay and play session which we did enjoy so we’ll be going to more. Plus it’s important to me for baby to go to these classes, to get used to being around other children. Also, mum’s just need to be around other mum’s sometimes!

And here’s baby fully engrossed in staring at his reflection at a Stay and Play group

Exercise by going for walks, Zumba and workout at home

I just laughed while reading this because I definitely have not been working out, I planned to start after having my six week check up which is when you’re usually allowed to (providing everything is okay and healed) but I wasn’t an exercise fanatic before I gave birth so I definitely wasn’t in a rush to start after having a baby. I do walk a lot however so I guess that counts. (I will start though… eventually.)

Research and begin natural hair care routine for me and baby  

My hair started falling out after giving birth (apparently this is normal) so I’ve put it away in a protective hairstyle for now. I’m currently natural but recently haven’t been really looking after my hair as I should so my plan was to make that a goal but hey… As for baby, I was waiting for him to turn 3 months before using different hair products for him but he had cradle cap so I’ve been very cautious about starting a hair care routine with him and constantly using only Dentinox shampoo (amazing stuff!) to get rid of the cradle cap and keep it away.

Save as much money as possible 

This is just an ongoing thing, some months saving a huge amount is possible and other months it just isn’t because there are one or two things that need to be bought or paid for.

Now, Starting a blog wasn’t actually on my list, but it is an idea that came to me while on maternity leave and so far I really enjoy it, which is always the goal, you wanna enjoy whatever you’re doing while on your maternity leave before going back to the real world of waking up at 6am, commuting on a packed bus or train plus all the added extras now you have a baby.

I honestly think keeping a to-do-during-maternity-list very simple is the way forward. At the end of the day nothing is more important than keeping your sanity, and after having a baby, the last thing you want to do is bombard yourself with a ton of things to do and end up not having time with your baby and most especially some time to yourself. Although I haven’t achieved everything on my list, even if I don’t, it’s okay because I’m happy, I still enjoy days out with family and friends and my baby’s growing happy and healthy so who cares?

Until next time,

Hannah xoxo

10 things I’ve learnt in the first 3 months

The first thing I get asked when seeing someone for the first time since having a baby, be it family or friends is ‘how’s motherhood?’ My answer is usually, ‘it’s alright, I’m actually enjoying it so far.’ And that’s exactly how I feel.

Becoming a mother has been a great learning experience for me, 3 months in I can honestly say I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my baby, enjoying it all the while. I’ve also had an insight into what it must have been like for all the mothers in my life. As we’ve hit a milestone age (Yay!) I’ve decided to list just 10 of some of the funny, silly little things I’ve either spoken about with other people or the more thought about, lovely things that happen in a mothers life:

1. Babies grow so fast, one minute they’re sleeping literally all day, next thing you know, they’re staying up longer during the day, playing, ‘talking’ and attempting to roll over.

2. It’s very possible for ones body to adjust to a very broken sleeping pattern, with waking up every couple of hours at night to feed and change nappies.

3. There are so many places e.g. Shopping centres, train stations, shops etc. with mum and baby areas for breastfeeding! (I literally had no idea that soo many places have large spaces in changing rooms with a chair in the corner and heating where you can just sit and feed your baby comfortably in peace lool)

4. Baby poo doesn’t smell in the first few months. I don’t know if this is a thing that people usually know, but I genuinely didn’t lol

5. Explosive poos are a thing, the all over the back, pouring out of nappies kind. They. will. happen.

6. It takes like triple the time I usually take to get ready for a day out with baby on hand. As well as getting myself ready, OBVIOUSLY Hannah there’s another human you have to clean, dress up, feed, pack a bag for, probably change one more time before leaving the house etc etc etc

7. Packing a baby bag, is long. But spare clothes are ESSENTIAL. Im talking, 2-3 spare sets of clothes, and the other bits, nappies, wipes, nappy cream, Muslin cloth, bib… oh the list does go on.

8. There’s no need to continuously buy clothes for a baby, they get so many as gifts and they grow out of them so fast! Some things will literally get worn once, if that!

9. It honestly does take a village to raise a child. Thank God for family and friends who are always willing to give a helping hand.

And last but not least, this is definitely something that i think about a lot, number 10,
10. It is possible to love someone so much that you want to do everything for them, to be the best for them and to raise them in the best way imaginable.

So there you have it. 10 isn’t even a big enough number to actually explain how much I’ve learnt but if I was to discuss EVERYTHING… you’d be reading an essay right now. I could sit here and write for hours and hours about how lovely it is learning about this whole new personality of a tiny little being that I created and how amazing it is that I feel like a changed person in myself but there are plenty more posts for that…

Stay tuned 😉

Hannah xoxo