Raising Israel… 6 month update

My little man is 6 months and I literally cannot believe it. Time’s gone so fast and he’s grown so much! In just another 6 months he’ll be a whole year old. So I’ve decided to do a little update on how things have been, focussing mostly on how this little champ is developing…

Let’s talk milestones:


We started weaning a little earlier than six months, just to test the waters and see what he’d like. So far, he’s eating 2 meals a day, breakfast and dinner, and still has breastmilk in between, he’s not too keen on breakfast but chows down his dinner (he loves the Ella’s kitchen purees) which is great for me, because that means he’s full before bed and will sleep better. I’ve started giving him baby biscuits (Farleys Rusks) to chew on but they usually just get moved and squashed between his hands, I think adult led weaning works for the both of us to be honest.


Sitting up independently? Yes, well just about lol. He’s still a little wobbly at times but he can definitely sit up on his own for a period of time with me on standby just in case he decides he wants to lie down or slide to the side. Hand eye coordination? Israel is definitely using his hands loads more now, one day we woke up and he just started grabbing everything in sight! I definitely was not prepared for this lol but I love how mobile he is now, he’s learning to shake his rattles purposely and kicks his legs freely when lying down (oh, and grab my phone out of my hand!) and put everything straight into his mouth! He also follows sounds and movement very well, he’s so alert and he’s actually been that way since he was born lol.

One thing he’s not a fan of is tummy time, lol he literally lasts a minute then starts whining, but that’s something that we’ll keep working on ??


Talking?! Lol yes, that’s what I like to call it when he babbles, and he babbles LOADS! When I read up about which milestones a baby should be hitting at 5 months and I saw ‘your child might start making sounds like ‘dada’ and ‘mama’ ‘ I literally laughed, thinking, how?! but lo and behold Israel makes so many sounds now, babbling is his favourite thing to do and I just love the sound of his little voice. I’ve caught him so many times trying to imitate me and others when making sounds or talking. The other day, I roared and he roared back! I couldn’t believe it, so I did it again and he did it back! Ahh it was such a proud mummy moment!

This past 6 months have been such a blessing, he’s developed so much, he’s happy, he’s healthy and such a playful, funny little boy and you can really see his personality coming through now. I’m so proud to be his mummy and couldn’t be more thankful to God for giving me this opportunity. I’m so looking forward to the many more years of raising my King Israel.

Only God sees your heart

Today’s society is so conformed to making an impression. Impressing people on social media, people at work, friends, family, even people we don’t know. That when change or something drastic happens in a persons life we feel the need to explain to the whole world, and allow people to put their two pence in, let me tell you something, you don’t owe anyone that pleasure unless it affects them directly.

What I’ve come to realise in this life is, people will hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. Upon becoming a mum, I was so scared of what people would say, I would constantly overthink everything. As if it made a difference to anything lol.

Since having a baby however, I’ve been battling with so many changes in people, both good and bad, but more recently I’ve come to accept things for what they are and people for who they are. No matter what you might say to someone, they’ll only hear what they want to hear, it really doesn’t matter what you have to say lol. Nothing surprises me anymore, people can think the worst of you regardless of how nice you are, whether they know you or not, it doesn’t even matter. On the other hand, people you never expected can really step up for you and be there when you need them the most.

This is just a reminder that the only person in this life worth trying to ‘impress’ or prove something to is God, he’s the only one who sees your heart at the end of the day and I strongly believe that God has a plan and a solution for every situation.

It’s just a shame that society has a way of breaking us down, making us feel bad, like we’ve done something wrong, by questioning any and everything, especially as a single parent. I find it astonishing that someone can question why you’re a single parent, as if you did something ridiculously wrong to get you there. I wish more people would realise that they don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why they’re in ANY kind of situation whether good or bad, whether it be through social media, personally, whatever. And I wish people would mind their own business and not believe everything they hear and see. But this is 2017, social media rules the world and being ‘nosey’ is just the norm right? Crazy. Just remember social media’s only a fraction of an insight into people’s lives.

Have a blessed week xoxo

Making memories

I’ve always loved pictures, not just taking them but keeping them. I’m not talking about pictures on an iPhone or android camera, i’m talking pictures in photo albums (yes, albumsss) plural! Lol! Regardless, I’m sure I’m not the only parent who has over a thousand pictures of their child on their phone. Making memories to me is so important, I’ve always liked printing out pictures I’ve taken on my phone or a camera, or keeping pictures of me and my friends and family from years ago. However, recently I feel like technology has taken over so much that the tradition of keeping family photo albums has kind of died out. I guess many people use the excuse of having a blog or other social media platforms as ways of collecting memories but it’s technology, and technology fails.

Keeping memories is obviously very important to everyone but my reasons for making memories and keeping them in forms of photo albums, written letters/poems and diaries are because:

1. Unless there’s some kind of natural disaster or a fire, they won’t be easily destroyed or lost

2. They are nice to look back at and see where I was at the times the pictures were taken or the entries were written

3. Memories are not only for me, but for the generations to come (imagine your grandchild showing pictures of you and their mum/dad to their own kids ?)

4. Pictures look beautiful around the home, pictures of all the family members, school pictures and photo shoots

5. Letters, poems and diary entries are a way to write what you feel without having to talk to anyone. They can even be passed on to whoever you want to talk to but aren’t able to.

Although I post pictures online, I have a lot more printed out and kept in albums and they can be passed down through generations as memories and conversation starters. It’s a lovely way to see how much we’ve grown over the years too. My baby’s only 5 months and I can already see how he’s gone from just a tiny little baby to this active, funny little baby, and to know that there’s soooo much more growing and learning to do fascinates me. Sometimes I find myself imagining what he’s going to sound and look like, what his personality will be when he’s like, five years old. And I bet when he gets to five, I’ll be imagining what he’ll be like when he’s 10 lol.

Although taking pictures on a camera or doing photo shoots are great, sometimes the most convenient way is to use your phone, especially when baby’s doing something wonderful and you need to get a quick snap shot in action. The technology of today is great for taking very good quality pictures however sometimes we want to make them look even better, there are apps for editing/adding filters to make any picture look of better quality; I’ll list the ones I use below;

1.Phonto: this is my favourite one, I use it on all my blog titles, you can add text to your images and use filters for effects. Phonto is available in the App Store on iPhone.

2.Camera 360: this app is great for making pictures look brighter and more enhanced, don’t use it too often but when I’ve taken a picture that’s low quality it works wonders in making it look better. Camera 360 is also available in the App Store.

3.Baby pics: I love this app! Baby pics is specifically for recording milestones throughout pregnancy and beyond, using artwork which can be edited and resized on top of your image. There’s lots of artwork you can use to enhance any image. This is also available in the App Store, I think I bought it for £1.99, but it’s so worth it.

There’s one app that I absolutely love using to print off my pictures from my phone;

Free prints is a photo printing app that prints your pictures for free (says it all in the name doesn’t it lol) all you have to pay for is postage which is literally between 99p to £1.99. Every month you get a certain amount of free prints which you can then select the pictures you want printed from your photo library and voila! Postage is really quick as well.

Of course there are other ways to print your pictures but I find that’s one of the easiest. You can also use the Boots photo website to print your pictures. Boots do nice offers for new mums, I recently got 50 free prints and as a new customer another 25 free prints, all I paid for was postage! And I got a voucher in the post for a baby photo album for £5 worth £12, lovely bargain if you ask me. I also use Photobox for Polaroid prints, I can’t remember how much I paid but I’m sure they weren’t expensive and they came out so nice and it’s a good way to add some vintage to your keepsake collection.

Memories kept are those that are engraved in our hearts but isn’t it nice hat we CAN have pictures and other forms as reminders?

hope you found this post useful, have a great weekend!