Bank holiday weekend fun!

This August bank holiday weekend my family and I decided to go on a short break to Butlins holiday resort, Bognor Regis and what a brilliant idea it was and the weather was absolutely beautiful!

We spent 3 nights there and participated in various activities and ate LOTS! It was a very last minute trip but probably the best one yet, and my first time travelling with baby Israel, so I was definitely looking forward to it. We stayed in a three bed apartment which was very nice and comfortable (just right for a big family), it had a bathroom, kitchen and a living area, (this was perfect for the family to sit and reflect on the day or just watch a movie after a long day.)

Of course travelling with a young child whether it’s on a plane, train, car or coach etc. can be very stressful but my experience was far from that, the journey there was approximately 3 hours by car and we had no tears all the way there, probably because he’s still very young so just wanted to eat and then sleep, or maybe because he’s such a easy going baby. Either way, I enjoyed myself and I’m sure he liked being in a different environment.

Butlins is a lovely place to go especially with young children, there are countless amounts of activities for children to do and a fairground which visitors have access to all day. My little nephews came along on the trip too and they are ages 1, 2 1/2 and 8 and there were definitely activities for all of them. I would say a favourite was the Splash Waterworld where the children were able to put on their swimming costumes and run wild in the pool, even Israel had a little swim, then decided it was time to eat and and have a nap lol. The adults also got to enjoy the pool late in the evening when there was a pool party (unfortunately I missed that one because I joined Israel during another nap.)

The fairground was also a hit, with a vast number of rides for all ages, the children could go on age appropriate rides and the adults could too. I tend to stay away from rides that spin in a circular motion because I get motion sickness so I enjoyed go-karting and the banana boat ride, my sisters however particularly enjoyed the large swing that literally just goes really high up then round in circles for ages (takes you back to childhood doesn’t it?)

We were also able to see a show for the kids which was delightful, surprisingly even baby Israel watched and got excited seeing all the movement and listening to the music. There were shows all throughout our stay in the pavilion at the resort but with so much to do there just wasn’t enough time to see them all (I was pretty excited to see Teletubbies live but of course… Israel was having a nap when the show was on! ?) There’s also a spa at the resort which I was determined to go so I could get a massage but ended up changing my mind at the end (I will be there next time!)

During the trip, we had so much to eat with the breakfast and dinner buffet. Everyday there was something new on the menu and everyday there was definitely less room in my belly, do I regret eating so much? Absolutely not!

The food was certainly a hit for me but my favourite part of the trip was the Bognor Regis east beach, which was the last thing we did before leaving, it was right in front of the resort which was very handy. While baby was with grandma, I decided it was time to get in the water at the beach, although the water was cold, my body got used to it and I practiced swimming differently than what I was used to. Epic fail lol. After spending a while in the water, we enjoyed a lovely picnic and took lots of pictures. The boys had so much fun playing with stones, dipping their feet in the water and baby had a lovely nap enjoying the sea breeze.

I just wanted to write up a quick review on our weekend getaway because honestly, it was divine to just get away for a while and enjoy a different scenery and the company of family. I know sometimes planning a holiday abroad can be long and tiring but they’re so important and if not then I recommend short breaks within the country, just for your own sanity and for the kids to experience something other than their usual, the city life can get tiresome and we all need a rest from time to time. I’ll definitely be going back to Butlins when Israel’s a bit older and is able to enjoy the holiday more.
Hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend!
Hannah xoxo

Mamas thoughts ?

Hello readers/passers by/glancers, however you’ve found yourself on my blog page… greetings to you ?

I’m not usually on board with discussing my personal life, emotions, feelings blah blah blah on public platforms but I’m starting to realise that if I really want to help and support other mum’s who’ve found themselves in a similar situation as mine, I’d have to open up a little (yes, only a little, I’m not quite there yet lol.)

This post is just an update on my current thoughts and feelings (I’ve really been wallowing in my feelings quite a bit recently and I prefer to write about them, so here we go.)
Life changed the moment I found out I was going to become a mum, I just couldn’t imagine myself bringing up a child although everyone kept saying, ‘you’re good with kids, you’re gonna be a great mum!’ I love children, that’s why I teach 2-year-olds and love my job but I just couldn’t imagine myself with my own child, a child who I couldn’t just give back to his/her parents when they started crying, someone I’d have to fully raise, love unconditionally, and support financially. Also being a single mum, I did think a lot about how hard it might be for me. I never thought I’d be loving every moment of motherhood as I am right now ?

A couple of weeks ago however, I started thinking about my life, my 25 years I’ve spent on this earth. I’m usually so particular about things and always try to make myself and my family proud, I finished school, graduated (twice) got a job straight away and a few months later got a higher position at my job, was in a, what I thought was ‘good’ relationship. Life was good. But then my relationship ended and I didn’t ever think I would be pregnant before getting married, like what?! Not me, not Hannah! So when it happened I really did feel disappointed in myself, it was as if my life was now on pause and everything was just being turned upside down.

So anyway, I was thinking about what my purpose could actually be in this life? Who actually knows what their purpose is? What if things were meant to happen this way? And I really thought for a long time, and my initial thoughts seemed so silly to me, here I was acting as if I just COULDN’T raise a child, like there was no way, when I’m fully 25-years-old with a good job, a degree, a roof over my head, and endless opportunities (I know that’s not what life is all about but to me these things were important) I had achieved a majority of things I wanted to by this point in my life so what was the actual problem? Yes a baby has come along and it does change your life completely but life doesn’t have to go in a particular order. What better blessing than to be a mother? Even as a single mum, who says you won’t prosper/do well/achieve everything you want? Also, the LOVE a child provides is unexplainable, so what was the actual problem?

A lot of the time the ‘problem’ around being a single or young mum especially for a Christian, church-going, choir-singing, young woman who comes from a good home is, ‘you didn’t wait till you got married.’ Marriage is not the be all and end all, but a lot of the time I was way too focussed on getting married, and making sure I did things the ‘right’ way (nothing wrong with that btw) but I think this played a major role in why I was so afraid of having a baby and probably one of the reasons why my relationship ended. Of course I still want to get married and I still pray about it, my faith is stronger than ever now also for my own personal reasons. I’ve recently been reading up on how to pray when things seem impossible, and having faith is the most important thing.

Anyway, I’m at a place right now where I’m genuinely happy and still damn proud of myself, even more so since becoming a mum, which has made me actually think things through properly. We take so many things for granted and it’s so important to actually take time out and be proud of our achievements, there will be setbacks or situations which we think are impossible to get through but with God all things are possible, an unplanned pregnancy is NOT a setback, in fact it fast forwards your life as you try to plan a bright and wonderful future for you and your baby. But if not for my faith, my family and friends (God bless them) I wouldn’t be as happy and content as I am right now.

Of course there are still things I want to do like travel, work abroad for a while, buy a house, but those can definitely still be achieved. Now I say to myself, not only do I get to experience these things, I get to bring my son along and include him in these experiences too; and I want him to see the WORLD ?

Until next time,

Live life NOW,
Hannah xoxo

Breastfeeding pros & cons

In aid of World breastfeeding week, I've decided to write a bit on the pros and cons of breastfeeding. Also, I actually fed Baby in public without a nursing cover for the first time, so (for me) I've taken a big step in this Mummy life.

Check me out being an adult and all lol

Of course not everybody chooses to breastfeed or are even able to after giving birth but for the latter that do and are able to, we know there are definitely benefits for our babies but there are also some not so good bits for the mamas. I chose to breastfeed simply because I wanted to experience all that good stuff people talk about (and save some money AND shed some belly fat 🙂 ) but there are some things in particular that made me wanna do it more and some that put me right off…

Pros(the good bits you hear so much about):

⁃ You save so much money from not having to buy formula milk for those first 6 months (or however long)

⁃ Breastfeeding helps in weight loss after giving birth as it burns calories

⁃ Breastmilk contains antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria

⁃ It Lowers baby's risk of having asthma or allergies

⁃ Babies that are exclusively breast fed for 6 months have less ear infections, respiratory illnesses and diarrhoea

⁃ Physical closeness, skin to skin and eye contact supports a lovely bond between mum and baby (it's kinda nice knowing when my baby cries for food I'm the only one that can soothe his needs)

⁃ Lowers the risk of breast cancer

⁃ And it's so quick and easy! I feel so much joy just whipping out a boob when I'm half asleep at night to feed baby rather than getting up to mix a bottle of formula


Cons(the not so good bits people steer away from):

⁃ Not being able to measure the volume of milk baby's getting (sounds scary but really and truly, if breastfeeding on demand, baby's are usually okay.)

⁃ Breastfed babies wake up more often in the night for feeds and eat more during the day, literally every 1.5-3 hours *sobs* which can be quite inconvenient depending on a mothers schedule.

⁃ There are dietary restrictions unfortunately, can't be drinking and taking medication willy nilly. I was so scared of eating anything to do with nuts when I first started breastfeeding because I thought omg what if he's allergic lol but no, in fact it makes babies immune to those kinds of foods

⁃ Breastfeeding in public might not be so easy for someone as shy as myself. I was using a nursing cover until recently, when baby was having none of it, he literally wouldn't eat with that cloth over his head lol

⁃ Special clothing is needed, when I say special, I just mean, a nursing bra and tops that you can easily breastfeed in

⁃ You constantly have to wear a bra; this right here, I hate, because I'm not a fan of wearing bras to bed but if you don't want leakage, a bra is definitely always needed and if you produce a lot of milk, breast pads are also needed which can be an expense of its own but there are reusable options available.

⁃ Now, last but not least, the biggest con of all, the only thing that REALLY made me think 'hmm do I really want to breastfeed?' BREASTFEEDING CAN BE VERY PAINFUL, sore, cracked nipples and engorged breasts. I was terrified when I read and heard stories of women saying their nipples were bleeding when they breastfed (YES, bleeding!) but thank goodness that hasn't happened to me (yet) I'm still powering on (coconut oil is magic for sore nipples.) The pain of breastfeeding comes and goes and some women soldier through, whereas others just can't.

Regardless of whether a woman breastfeeds, whether it's for 2 days, 2 weeks, months, years or not at all, we're still doing everything we can to raise a healthy baby. Just like everything in life there are both sides to a situation, the good and the bad, sometimes even the ugly (bleeding nipples, like really?!) Breastfed, bottle fed or a mixture of both, mum's go through enough trying to raise a healthy baby so who is ANYONE to judge? Women are superheroes and however you choose to feed your baby, you've still got your super powers.

As I always say, as long as a child is happy and healthy, who cares?

Happy World breastfeeding week!

Hannah xoxo