Enjoy your maternity leave!

When a working woman finds out she’s pregnant, letting her employer know she’s expecting is something that has to be done, then maternity leave must be sorted.

Once I started my maternity leave, I wrote a list of things I wanted to do to occupy my time (I’m a huge believer in writing lists) to keep me and baby busy or just to better myself. I’m also very used to being busy, working with children definitely keeps me on my toes, so making sure I had stuff to do was the perfect plan.

I can honestly say I haven’t really achieved any of the items on my list, instead, a lot of time has been spent on the sofa watching telenovela programs (Spanish TV lol, I know) and actually getting to know my baby, I definitely do not regret either of them… yes, even the telenovela 🙂 but thankfully there’s still enough time to actually get what I listed all done, it’s only been 4 months out of a year after all.

This post is more of a reminder to myself to actually get these things done and to maybe give some ideas to first time mum’s who are also now on maternity leave or soon to be. They’re not in any particular order btw.

Sign up and attend Baby swimming classes

I’ve just applied for these so we’ll be starting next week, I purposely waited to start these because of babys age, it made sense to me to wait till he was 3 months. I had this idea because, well, I want him to learn to swim early and it gives us something to do together, and a bonus… the beginning of my maternity leave falls right in the summer months.

Attend loads of mum and baby groups

This has been at my disposable for ages, since I had my first home visit after giving birth, I was informed about my nearest children’s centre but I’ve only been to one stay and play session which we did enjoy so we’ll be going to more. Plus it’s important to me for baby to go to these classes, to get used to being around other children. Also, mum’s just need to be around other mum’s sometimes!

And here’s baby fully engrossed in staring at his reflection at a Stay and Play group

Exercise by going for walks, Zumba and workout at home

I just laughed while reading this because I definitely have not been working out, I planned to start after having my six week check up which is when you’re usually allowed to (providing everything is okay and healed) but I wasn’t an exercise fanatic before I gave birth so I definitely wasn’t in a rush to start after having a baby. I do walk a lot however so I guess that counts. (I will start though… eventually.)

Research and begin natural hair care routine for me and baby  

My hair started falling out after giving birth (apparently this is normal) so I’ve put it away in a protective hairstyle for now. I’m currently natural but recently haven’t been really looking after my hair as I should so my plan was to make that a goal but hey… As for baby, I was waiting for him to turn 3 months before using different hair products for him but he had cradle cap so I’ve been very cautious about starting a hair care routine with him and constantly using only Dentinox shampoo (amazing stuff!) to get rid of the cradle cap and keep it away.

Save as much money as possible 

This is just an ongoing thing, some months saving a huge amount is possible and other months it just isn’t because there are one or two things that need to be bought or paid for.

Now, Starting a blog wasn’t actually on my list, but it is an idea that came to me while on maternity leave and so far I really enjoy it, which is always the goal, you wanna enjoy whatever you’re doing while on your maternity leave before going back to the real world of waking up at 6am, commuting on a packed bus or train plus all the added extras now you have a baby.

I honestly think keeping a to-do-during-maternity-list very simple is the way forward. At the end of the day nothing is more important than keeping your sanity, and after having a baby, the last thing you want to do is bombard yourself with a ton of things to do and end up not having time with your baby and most especially some time to yourself. Although I haven’t achieved everything on my list, even if I don’t, it’s okay because I’m happy, I still enjoy days out with family and friends and my baby’s growing happy and healthy so who cares?

Until next time,

Hannah xoxo

10 things I’ve learnt in the first 3 months

The first thing I get asked when seeing someone for the first time since having a baby, be it family or friends is ‘how’s motherhood?’ My answer is usually, ‘it’s alright, I’m actually enjoying it so far.’ And that’s exactly how I feel.

Becoming a mother has been a great learning experience for me, 3 months in I can honestly say I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my baby, enjoying it all the while. I’ve also had an insight into what it must have been like for all the mothers in my life. As we’ve hit a milestone age (Yay!) I’ve decided to list just 10 of some of the funny, silly little things I’ve either spoken about with other people or the more thought about, lovely things that happen in a mothers life:

1. Babies grow so fast, one minute they’re sleeping literally all day, next thing you know, they’re staying up longer during the day, playing, ‘talking’ and attempting to roll over.

2. It’s very possible for ones body to adjust to a very broken sleeping pattern, with waking up every couple of hours at night to feed and change nappies.

3. There are so many places e.g. Shopping centres, train stations, shops etc. with mum and baby areas for breastfeeding! (I literally had no idea that soo many places have large spaces in changing rooms with a chair in the corner and heating where you can just sit and feed your baby comfortably in peace lool)

4. Baby poo doesn’t smell in the first few months. I don’t know if this is a thing that people usually know, but I genuinely didn’t lol

5. Explosive poos are a thing, the all over the back, pouring out of nappies kind. They. will. happen.

6. It takes like triple the time I usually take to get ready for a day out with baby on hand. As well as getting myself ready, OBVIOUSLY Hannah there’s another human you have to clean, dress up, feed, pack a bag for, probably change one more time before leaving the house etc etc etc

7. Packing a baby bag, is long. But spare clothes are ESSENTIAL. Im talking, 2-3 spare sets of clothes, and the other bits, nappies, wipes, nappy cream, Muslin cloth, bib… oh the list does go on.

8. There’s no need to continuously buy clothes for a baby, they get so many as gifts and they grow out of them so fast! Some things will literally get worn once, if that!

9. It honestly does take a village to raise a child. Thank God for family and friends who are always willing to give a helping hand.

And last but not least, this is definitely something that i think about a lot, number 10,
10. It is possible to love someone so much that you want to do everything for them, to be the best for them and to raise them in the best way imaginable.

So there you have it. 10 isn’t even a big enough number to actually explain how much I’ve learnt but if I was to discuss EVERYTHING… you’d be reading an essay right now. I could sit here and write for hours and hours about how lovely it is learning about this whole new personality of a tiny little being that I created and how amazing it is that I feel like a changed person in myself but there are plenty more posts for that…

Stay tuned 😉

Hannah xoxo

Where it all began

From a feature on a motherhood platform to my own personal blog.

As a new mum, I searched high and low for mummy blogger accounts I could follow on Instagram and of course, I found MANY. The motherhood group was one of them, and when they posted saying they were looking for mum bloggers, I got in touch after thinking long and hard if I was ready to let the world hear my story. I was very shy at first, but I really do love writing and I saw this as what could be an amazing opportunity. After writing my feature, emailing it in and literally waiting to see it on the website, constantly checking back and forth to see if it had been posted (lol) it was finally posted alongside 10 other mum's writing on their truths about motherhood. I was super excited and instantly started promoting my feature for all to see. I got a lot of positive feedback and it even seemed helpful to some, so I decided there and then that I'd start my own blog on this thing called motherhood.

So really and truly, you'll find my first ever blog post on motherhood right here on The motherhood group.